About us

About Us

We are two women, a generation apart, bonded by a love of signature fashion pieces and passionate about expressing individuality through our clothing. 

Our mission is to create products that are not only timeless but that transcend the stigma that a fashion piece can only be enjoyed by one gender, age, style and stereotype. 

Both growing up in the same village in rural Northumberland and moving down to London, the practicality of fur to keep us warm in the northern cold climates transformed into a love of fur as our ultimate fashion piece. All of our real fur is ethically sourced.

At the very core of our brand is individuality. The beauty of our Parkas is that they are totally bespoke and individual to the customer including our stunning Faux fur collection.

As well as our classic designs we offer ‘J&T by Appointment’, a personal service where every aspect of the Parka can be designed by the customer from the colour and type of fur/lining, to that of the luxurious hood and the colour of the Parka itself. Not only does the bespoke touch make our brand different but we also offer unique hand painted and beaded designs on the back of the Parkas for the extra ‘Wow’ factor.

We aim to create an exclusive experience for all our customers from the desire of the product through to wearing it, enjoying that distinctive style. The attention to detail of our embroidered messages stitched within the Parka is a touch we are especially proud of and is a reminder that you are ‘Secretly Fabulous’.



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