Meet Tash de Savary, the visionary force behind the luxury label, Jane & Tash.

Tash has carved her own niche in the industry creating outerwear pieces designed to last the seasons. Her keen eye for detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship elevates every piece. Whilst producing each collection in small runs and offering a made to order service allows for a more mindful approach to consumption. 

To celebrate International Women’s Day we want to know from the women herself, what advice would she give to other women looking to take the leap and start their own brand.

What advice would you give to women starting their own business?

Starting a business is a scary thing and you have to put yourself out there and surround yourself with people who are putting themselves out there and when you’re in good company they give you confidence.

Even the best people in the business can say they didn’t have a smooth ride. Embrace the mistakes you might make and learn from them. Find the balance of staying true to yourself and being an authentic brand but be willing to take risks.

One of my biggest success stories I’ve had with Jane & Tash was in our first year of launching and walking up to the fourth floor in Harrods and asking to speak to the buyer, they looked at me like ‘why?!’, I was persistent and eventually met with their intern buyer (who, two years after would become head buyer), two weeks later we had a meeting and this led to a full floor take over for Jane & Tash, it was such a pivotal moment for the brand and my own personal confidence. 

Join Tash and Who Loves You founder Marina as they chat their business experiences, In conversation with Marina and Tash.