At Jane & Tash Bespoke we are focused on being responsible for our social and environmental impact. Although we accept fashion encourages newness and consumption, our aim is to minimise the level of our impact and operate as sustainably as we can. 


How we operate: 

We operate under a Made to Order business model. We therefore hold limited stock and the majority of our items are produced on a made to order basis. In so doing, we reduce material waste and minimise unnecessary work for our factory workers. 

We manufacture and source our products across Asia. The majority of our items are intricately and carefully handmade at the highest level. We encourage craftsmanship and respect the process. 

We have very strong relations with our factory workers and suppliers, with them being just as integral to our business culture as our London HQ team. We are proud of our J&T community and continue to strive for the best for all our team. 

We hold bi-annual sample sales to sell dead stock at a heavily discounted price. This reduces material waste. 

We have eradicated our use of real fur and now operate under a strictly faux fur model. All our parkas and trench coats use faux fur collars and cuffs.  


We still have work to do, however we are committed to taking responsibility for our impact as a small business and look to grow as sustainably and responsibly as we can.